November 2021 Art Classes

Come and have a go at a number of classes and find your inner artist!

The classes aim to teach you some new techniques, create mindfulness and provide a relaxing and fun experience.
You really need no experience at all. I am a professional artist, hold a degree in Fine art, a full-time artist who also runs an art consultancy business.

My job is to guide you every step of the way so that you leave a class with a great piece of art that you created.
All classes are open to all. Whether you have painted before or never picked up a brush!

Melia Desert Palm Hotel. Abstract painting class

We will be painting outside at Melia Desert Palm hotel, overlooking the polo fields and enjoying a glass of wine. You can decide on the day what you feel like having a go at, either bring an image you want to try, relax into Intuitive painting or be guided by a choice of images I provide all the time learning various techniques on how to use acrylic paints.
The class includes three drinks from the bar. 
This is a 3hr class
All Material provided plus 3 drinks
Cost: 500dhs – per person

If you book with a friend, the reduced cost is 450dhs per person.
Time 3pm – 6pm

Abstract painting classes for Adults and teenagers

In all the painting classes there are three options:

1. You choose from a selection of images and I will show you some techniques and you will work on this image, making it your own.

2. Intuitive painting. Learn to follow your inner feelings and direction.You will learn about layers, paint application and really explore what you can create. This class is about the mindfulness application of each layer

3. Bring your own image, and lets have a go to recreate it but by developing your own style and approach

You need no experience, you can decide which approach you want to try and then let go and enjoy. This is a great way to try out Acrylic paints in a relaxing and fun environment.
3hrs will fly by!
All Material provided
Cost: 400dhs per person
If you book with a friend, the reduced cost is 350dhs per person.

Location: Al Quoz

Acrylic Pouring classes for Adults and teenagers

We will learn how to do a Dutch Pour and a flip cup pour.
We will learn how to mix our pour solution, when to add silicon and what colours will work best with each design.
This is a 2hr class
All Material provided – PLEASE BRING A HAIR DRYER!!
Cost: 350dhs – per person
If you book with a friend, the reduced cost is 300dhs per person.
Time 6.00pm –8.00pm
 Al Quoz

An introduction to Alcohol Ink and water-based ink.

An introduction to Alcohol Ink and water-based ink.
I will show you some basic techniques with Alcohol ink and water based inks. 
Working with inks are great fun and you have to move relatively fast. The effects are endless, you will get to really experiment to see what you like and you will find that there are certain colours you prefer working with.
This is a 2hr class
All Material provided
Cost: 300dhs – per person
If you book with a friend, the reduced cost is 250dhs per person.

Time 6.00pm –8.00pm
 Al Quoz

Kids Art Classes

5yrs to 13 years old

Under 5yrs will need to accompanied
All Classes are 1 to  1.5hrs and cost 150Dhs
All Materials are included
Location: Al Quoz

The classes are designed for the children to run away with their imagination. The classes are based on the idea that the time spent is an experience and at the end of the class they have created something they are proud of but more importantly is the journey they took to reach the end result. 

With this is mind, all parents are asked to introduce your children and then go and grab a coffee nearby. If you want to stay, then there is seating downstairs, you can hear the class but you are not in their class. 


Kids Acrylic Pouring

In this class, each child will do two acrylic pours. They will learn how to mix their colours, and try the two different pouring techniques.

Kids Painting Classes

In this class we will work on abstract paintings, looking at how we can interpret things differently and playing with colour balance.

Each class will have a different theme.


We can now take online payments

To book your place on any of the art classes please txt / call / WhatsApp

050 552 0690

We take a non refundable deposit when booking the classes

50dhs  per child class and 100dhs per adult class

For Private and Corporate art classes , please drop me an email